The "Unwanted" Box

"Airplane Wings" featured in Tinnitist!

I'm grumpy HAPPY (whut?) to share good news to y'all fellow grumpies! Tinnitist, "Canada's most-read music site," has issued a showcase feature on Grumpy Kitty Boy's debut single "Airplane Wings!" There's more to come alongside this showcase soon.

An excerpt…

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Dear Grumpy Diary,

If anyone else finds you lying around, please don't let them know those secrets I've told you countless times!

Then again, who cares anyway? 😹 I got lots more in my box, and they're all mine! I won't run out of them.

My potted plant went missing again. Must be Pet Monkey's doing, as always. If you do see him, tell him to fix things back in order.


Grumpy Kitty Boy

Grumpy Kitty Boy artwork by Yuna Kim