"Airplane Wings" featured in Tinnitist!

I'm grumpy HAPPY (whut?) to share good news to y'all fellow grumpies! Tinnitist, "Canada's most-read music site," has issued a showcase feature on Grumpy Kitty Boy's debut single "Airplane Wings!" There's more to come alongside this showcase soon.

An excerpt of the feature goes as follows:

Grumpy Kitty Boy soars to new heights with his single and video for Airplane Wings — showcasing today on Tinnitist. 

The synth-pop alter ego of award-nominated, internationally esteemed Canadian artist Juro Kim Feliz, Grumpy Kitty Boy uses Airplane Wings to encourage listeners to live authentically and examine their relationships — even at the risk of loss.

Check the rest of the feature, including a LYRIC VIDEO of "Airplane Wings," HERE!

Thanks Darryl for sharing the grumpy! Additional acknowledgements go to Yuna Kim for the cover art of "Airplane Wings," and Prince Requino for the photography.

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