There are cat people and dog people. No points for guessing which camp is home to Grumpy Kitty Boy. But don’t think you know everything about him based on his unique handle — as he proved with his debut single Airplane Wings earlier this summer, he’s one cool cat.” - Darryl Sterdan

"20 Questions with Grumpy Kitty Boy" (Tinnitist)

"Be Authentic! Embrace The Grumpy!"

Grumpy Kitty Boy ("GKBoy") is the singer-songwriter alter-ego of Toronto-based composer Juro Kim Feliz. Moved by the lyricism and musical style of electronica artist Owl City among others, Grumpy Kitty Boy embodies tongue-in-cheek irony and cynicism with cute video game music and dreamy lyrics that paints the fictional world of the grumpy, one song at a time.

As a contemporary classical composer, Feliz studied at the University of the Philippines and McGill University while premiering his works across Asia, North America, and Europe. He is a Golden Balangay Awards 2019 nominee (Excellence Award for Music and Entertainment), and has been a resident artist of the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts (2018), the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts (2019), and a library resident of the Canadian Music Centre Ontario (2018-2020).

In 2018, Feliz decided that songwriting is the most appropriate channel to express his worldview: "Be authentic! Embrace the grumpy!" Latching on to the pouting cat emoji, Grumpy Kitty Boy was born within the confines of his studio. Through songs and underlying stories, GKBoy attempts to be in touch with deep feelings about reality, often left ignored and suppressed with people's desire for toxic positivity.

Grumpy Kitty Boy took off with the debut single "Airplane Wings," followed by the debut EP "Show Me The Kibbles." He now looks forward to complete another EP and a full-length album in the next few years.

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