Weekend Rain

Someone drops a grain of salt; 
Massive ocean waves jolt crowds awake! 
Wide-eyed stray cats rejoice. 

White people clubs make white noise... 
Swirls of pea soup in hot, melting pots; 
Speck of dust remains untouched. 

Sun and stars rotate in skies, 
Lightning sparks bequeath fiery exploits; 
Tired fingers in silence. 

Rain fell throughout the weekend; 
Steel hearts crashed into icebergs, sank down… 
Look up and see Leo scream. 

Ah! Why do birds fly with wings? 
My flabby arms stretched out in a rush, 
Do cows jump over the moon? 

Brown paws hold an offering; 
Crickets lay still, cicadas shush down, 
Why does silence hurt the ears? 

I gaze out into lush fields; 
Selfless flowers in dazzling beauty, 
Velvety dreams stay unreal. 

//jkf (Grumpy Kitty Boy)

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