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“Blue Eyes”—my newest single coming soon! (Part 1.5 of 2)

Following my last post It’s A New Grumpy Season for 2021! (Part 1 of 2), I initiated a six-day #ArtworkReveal series in Facebook and Instagram last week (well actually there was a bonus day too) to unveil bits and pieces of the cover artwork for new music. Now that we’re done “playing games” (LOL), I’m […]

It’s A New Grumpy Season for 2021! (Part 1 of 2)

Hi there, fellow grumpies! It’s been a while since I wrote something here in The Unwanted Box! The past year was really crazy with lots of goings-on and stuff that kept me awake late nights. 😴 I owe you not only a big, crazy recap for 2020, but also upcoming news for the first half […]

Preview of "Grumpy Kitty Boy Takes Flight With Airplane Wings Single" (Tinnitist)

“Airplane Wings” featured in Tinnitist!

I’m grumpy HAPPY (whut?) to share good news to y’all fellow grumpies! Tinnitist, “Canada’s most-read music site,” has issued a showcase feature on Grumpy Kitty Boy’s debut single “Airplane Wings!” There’s more to come alongside this showcase soon. An excerpt of the feature goes as follows: Grumpy Kitty Boy soars to new heights with his single […]

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  • January 29, 2021: **to be announced soon**
  • February 26, 2021: **to be announced soon**
  • May 17, 2021: **to be announced soon**


I’m a singer-songwriter who writes poetry and hates dry kibbles!

He roams the streets of Toronto and Manila in his grumpy dreams. He likes singing badly and loves his kitty treats—irony and cynicism in glittery candy wrappings—but dislikes dry kibbles with a passion! He writes poetry when he’s at his saddest, and writes songs when he’s at his grumpiest.

Grumpy Kitty Boy is the singer-songwriter project of Toronto-based composer Juro Kim Feliz. Studying composition at the University of the Philippines and McGill University, Juro [joo-row] received performances of his work across Asia, Europe, and North America as a contemporary classical composer. He is a Golden Balangay Awards 2019 nominee (Excellence Award for Music and Entertainment), and has been invited as a resident artist of the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts (2018), the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts (2019), and a library resident of the Canadian Music Centre Ontario (2018-2020). Once co-hosting and producing the radio talk show Sigaw ng Bayan (2014-2016) at CKUT 90.3 FM Montreal, he started leaning towards music journalism and has written for the Canadian Music Centre Ontario and the magazine Musicworks.

Juro had been a long-time pianist and keyboardist before calling it quits in 2018. He then decided that songwriting is the most appropriate channel to express his worldview: “Be authentic! Embrace the grumpy!” Latching on to the pouting cat emoji, Grumpy Kitty Boy was born in the confines of his studio and a hand-me-down Yamaha keyboard.

Through Grumpy Kitty Boy songs and stories, Juro attempts to be in touch with real deep feelings about reality, often left ignored and suppressed in people’s conception of emanating positivity in life. From the chaos of Manila, his move to Montreal and Toronto gave him a vivid glimpse of sobriety, best left accepted as it is than rejected. While his sound and lyricism emulates Owl City’s synth pop style and video game music, other musical influences also include Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, and the singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens.

Meeting Korean visual artist Yuna Kim in Nebraska, an ongoing collaboration sustains Grumpy Kitty Boy with her stunning visual artwork.

Download Grumpy Kitty Boy’s (short | medium | long) bio HERE.

2020. Photography: Prince Requino.
2020. Photography: Prince Requino.
2018. Photography: Prince Requino.
2018. Photography: Prince Requino.
2016. Photography: Archie Muje.
2020. Photography: Prince Requino.
Grumpy Kitty Boy seated in front of keyboard
The aftermath of the “Fly Fly Grumpy” Facebook live stream (November 2020).
“Excellence Award in Music and Entertainment” nomination at the Golden Balangay Awards 2019. Photography: C. Sta. Brigida Photography
During a Grumpy Kitty Boy video shoot in 2019.
“Stop bothering me, I’m working during a pandemic!” 😾 (2020)


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Grumpy Kitty Boy artwork courtesy of Yuna Kim.

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