Sing about the grumpy, rave about the snarky.

Grumpy Kitty Boy keeps in touch with his singer-songwriter roots through making videos of selected written songs in their early stages. It’s all done with piano and voice, away from the bleep bloops of synth/retro pop.

Dive deep into the vault below! #NoShame

“Second Option” – a reboot for the 2020 holiday season!

by Grumpy Kitty Boy
Recorded on 15 December 2020

Thoughts: “Second Option” sounds like holiday music alright! 😹 When I wrote this song in 2019, I was making up a story where Santa Claus failed to hand out a Christmas present to Grumpy Kitty Boy —Christmas is cancelled as a result! I thought about giving it a nudge as I officially started production work with this song for a future EP project.

Never Let You Go

by Grumpy Kitty Boy
Recorded on 28 July 2020

Thoughts: I dug through some obscure Soundcloud channel I used to own. I saw this untitled song I wrote and half-produced from 2017 and thought, “Hey, why shouldn’t I make a new video out of it?!” I can fully disclose that this song is a “prototype” of some sorts, written way before GKBoy was born! The imagery in the lyrics now appear in some of the official GKBoy songs, but the music stays fairly intact and original. We’ll see if it becomes included in an official future release.

Sunset Fades Away

by Grumpy Kitty Boy
Recorded on 05 May 2020

Thoughts: It was a moment in the middle of the pandemic season. Others see the need for distancing as temporary, as something “physical.” But for those being excluded and left out of relationships, the social distancing phenomenon and the feeling of isolation has always been the norm. How do you look out into the sunset when it all feels futile?

The Smalls

by Grumpy Kitty Boy
Recorded on 30 March 2020

Thoughts: This song was written way back in Fall 2018. While completing an artist residency at the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, the beautiful mountain trails of Saratoga (Wyoming) became a place of deep reflection, soul-searching, and healing. Here, Grumpy Kitty Boy deals with feelings of abandonment after roaming and hiking through one of the mountain trails (The Smalls trail).

2019 Year Ender: Who is Grumpy Kitty?

by Grumpy Kitty Boy
Recorded on 02 January 2020

Thoughts: Why not end the year 2019 with a Year Ender video? This was back when GKBoy still calls himself “Grumpy Kitty.” Get to know some facts about Grumpy Kitty Boy in this video.

Second Option

by Grumpy Kitty Boy
Recorded on 26 December 2019

Thoughts: Grumpy Kitty Boy thinks of the holiday season as commodified. Instead of feeling the “Christmas spirit,” he wanted everyone to know why Santa Claus never gave him a present—even more so into feeling that he’s always a “second option,” someone as a last resort, for everyone around him.

The Fallen

by Grumpy Kitty Boy
Recorded on 23 November 2019

Thoughts: This is what I would call the “Grumpy Kitty Boy anthem!” Composing its first rough sketches in Nebraska on August 2019, I simply dived head first into a lot of grumpy woes—feeling psychologically stuck in a place, being tricked and swindled, losing friends. I also have the usual routine where I finish a song and dive right into documenting it, in case I forget how it goes. That explains its very raw form as it is here, awaiting further musical magic.

Blue Eyes

by Grumpy Kitty Boy
Recorded on 10 October 2019

Thoughts: I remember roughly composing the first lines of this song while waiting for a bus at Markham in early 2019. There are lots of references to bus rides, horizon lines, recovering and remembering—it’s as if Grumpy Kitty Boy had amnesia and lost his memory. In reality though, we see that he pretends not to see…a denial of what’s literally staring in front of him. If only it is easy to log out and delete archives of memories…

Train Tracks

by Grumpy Kitty Boy
Recorded on 17 September 2019

Thoughts: This is one of my favourite GKBoy songs, recorded in the raw. Going to Winnipeg was an urgent matter, and so I took the 35-hour train ride from Toronto. It was nice to meet and spend sweet moments with a complete stranger hours before boarding the train back home, but how do you get past the fact that both of you will be thousands of kilometres apart, living separate lives? Is there a chance to make it work in the foreseeable future?

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