Stories behind "Show Me The Kibbles" (Part 2 of 2)

Hi, fellow grumpies! It's update 2 of 2—more accurately, this is the third one following two "update 1" entries!—and now we're back to get a glimpse behind the fourth wall again. You know that I love writing about stuff, so…

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"Airplane Wings" featured in Tinnitist!

I'm grumpy HAPPY (whut?) to share good news to y'all fellow grumpies! Tinnitist, "Canada's most-read music site," has issued a showcase feature on Grumpy Kitty Boy's debut single "Airplane Wings!" There's more to come alongside this showcase soon.

An excerpt…

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Weekend Rain

Someone drops a grain of salt; 
Massive ocean waves jolt crowds awake! 
Wide-eyed stray cats rejoice. 

White people clubs make white noise... 
Swirls of pea soup in hot, melting pots; 
Speck of dust remains untouched. 

Sun and stars rotate in…

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I’m nothing but a machine, 
Hearing other’s pain but not my own; 
Why should I catch up with y'all? 

Frogs croak in the dead of night— 
I won’t wait for you to understand, 
Thoughts disappear in a flash. 

Riding my…

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